My name is Thay, I was born in the mountains of Friburgo and after living 2 years in london, today I live and work in Rio de Janeiro. I am a queer woman passionate about photography. I believe that photography is a window for reflections, dialogues and meetings. I hold a postgrad in Photography and work as a fashion / ads photographer. I tend to work with different mediums such as analog and digital photography, concerned about creating images that integrate both concept and aesthetics. History of art and contemporary photography are both research subjects.

EXPOSIÇÕES / exhibitions 

2018 | Exposição Coletiva no Parque Lage. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 
2018 | Exposição no 14º Festival Internacional de Fotografia Paraty em Foco.  
2016 | "Memory_archive" | Photobook Melbourne. Melbourne, Australia.
2016 | "Poesia" | Galeria Vitrine. Ateliê da Imagem. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   

2018 | Pós Graduação Fotografia & Imagem - IUPERJ
2018 | Fotografia Expandida - EAV Parque Lage
2018 | Processo Criativo - EAV Parque Lage

2016 | Direção de Fotografia - Academia Internacional de Cinema​​​​​​​
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